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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


American Heritage Dictionary
snit n. Informa.
A state of agitation or irritation.

Random House Dictionary
snit /snɪt/ –noun
an agitated or irritated state.
[Origin: 1935–40; orig. uncert.]


Glen said...

With all due respect, I would love to continue this debate, however, I have reached the conclusion that given my position of student-at-law, it is no longer appropriate for me to use simple words like "snit".

The word "snit" does not appear in Black's Law Dictionary 7th ed. and therefore and henceforth that word shall never be expelled from my mouth agin.

In fact, the most accurate, appropriate and indicative word to describe the state of mind for which I was accused of being in a "snit" is sollicitus.