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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Welcome, Glen

I didn't want to "out" Glen without his permission, so this is the first time I have acknowledged his blog. Welcome, Glen. Prepare to be flooded with hits from Little Miss Know-It-All's adoring fans.

And so, in order:

Matt is the second of three boys in my family. That's his girlfriend, Sarah (sans gas mask, which is the only way some of my readers know her). Matt has had a much more exciting life than me, and has actually lived in Japan.

Nate is my closest sibling, both genealogically and geographically. Like me, he is often asked by Canadians why he insists on hurting their feelings. Poor Canadians. They can't take that kind of strain. Odd how Americans never say the same thing: Nate and I are both convinced that we tell the truth about both countries, and Canadians are just particularly sensitive. The other possibility is that Americans are so dumb that they don't understand that we're making fun of them.

Glen is my dear friend, my former boss, and my wanna-be older brother. I am afraid to divulge any other details, because I do not have a lawyer on retainer. The last time I mentioned him, he threatened to sue me for libel. Did I ever mention that I have total respect for first-year law students? Also, that I might know a few things that he would want kept under wraps? Also, that I have a pretty wide platform here? Yeah, I think we understand each other.

These three will stay on the right side of the blog. If anyone else wants in, let me know.