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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Welcome, Karan

I am now very close to achieving my goal of getting everyone I know to start their own blogs.

Glen...check. Cindy...check. Capitalist, Philosopher King, Blueberry Princess and whatever we're calling Ben these days...check, check, check, check.

And now: Welcome, Karan.

I've known Karan for a few years, and she is now a constant presence in our lives. You see, her son is Michael's new best friend. They live right across the street, and Michael spends more time with her son than he does with me. In fact, you'll recall that there were some tense moments when it seemed that I might lose out on the coveted bike-riding lessons. (Or as Glen put it: You do know that you're jealous of a six-year-old, right?)

When my phone rings after supper, I know it's Karan calling to invite me over for a cup of tea. The two boys spend their evenings running back and forth between the two houses creating mischief while we chat about life in general.

As I look back on my older posts, I can see that she inspired one of my earliest posts about grammar -- in a good way, of course. This was so long ago that Little Miss Know-it-All didn't exist, and in fact I didn't talk about grammar or journalism very much at all. I can see that I was already known as a grammar enthusiast.

I've added Karan's blog to my links list: please go and check it out.