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Friday, July 27, 2007

Culture shock

Steve and Michael went for a walk on "the track" the other day. "The track" is not actually a track; it is the path that was left behind when the railroad was ripped out of the Newfoundland landscape. This path runs near his parents' house and I suppose that if you put your mind to it, you could follow it all the way across the island.

I have no fond memories of "the track": unlike some of my friends, I never took part in any hanky-panky on or near it. I'm sure my brothers have some interesting stories to tell, though.

During their walk, Michael made an exciting discovery. There were strawberries GROWING OUT OF THE GROUND. This was a big deal. Steve and I grew up in places where we could pick berries all summer long, but Michael has never seen this before.


Dad said...

Do you remember blueberry season in Dexter? Your mother and great-grandmother picked berries for DAYS, and carried home enough berries to fill - - literally fill - - a chest freezer. Did you go along?

Steve & Megan said...

No, we never went along. We probably would have been tired after an hour or so, and those berry-picking trips lasted three days, as I recall.

Blueberries are still one of my comfort foods, and I have been eating a LOT of them in the past few weeks. Life has been unusually stressful.