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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stars fall from the sky for you and me

Just before bedtime last night, Steve made an unexpected discovery: his plane ticket to Newfoundland was not for tomorrow. It was for today.

So here I am, sitting all alone with no boys to love me. And this is Hour 1 of my three weeks of solitary confinement. I wasn't ready for this so soon.

For the past few weeks I've been swinging back and forth between loneliness and excitement at the thought of the boys going away. Part of me likes the idea of ordering whatever I want on my pizza. It's been a long time since I've gone any length of time without hearing a knock on the bathroom door. The freedom might get to my head. I might start smoking or stay up past my bedtime.

But right now I'm feeling lonely. I miss my boys.


Steve & Mich said...

Dear Mommy,

I'm sorry to hear that you miss us so much already! We miss you too! Daddy had to take off his belt at the security in Edmonton and I saw his was very funny for me.

I'm colouring pictures in a colouring book that the lady at First Air gave me and she gave me extra peanut-free treats (don;t get mad at me if I used the hyphen wrong...I know what you are like).

Anyway, Daddy is buying me a snack...we love you! Oh and Dad says 'hi'.


Steve & Megan said...

Dear Mich,

That is a funny story! You will have to tell me what happens in the airport in Toronto. Do you think they have a big sniffing machine like the one we saw in New York City?

I had tea with Daniel's mom tonight and she gave me Daniel's e-mail address. You can send him e-mails or you can write to him through our blog. And guess what? His mom has her own blog! Ask Daddy to show it to you.

I hope you send me lots of pictures and videos, because I am definitely going to miss you while you are gone!