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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mystery solved

I have been outed by a poster over at 9 Gram (see comments). This is quite a relief: I first wondered if an Eckler fan club had stumbled over my blog, but I soon realised that there were far too many visitors for this to be a group of her fans.

I do indeed do satire, even of Eckler herself, but I am not 9 Gram. Fellow Eckler haters, you are more than welcome to stick around.

And a short note about copyright: I will immediately remove any material on this site that I did not create myself if the copyright holder contacts me and asks me to take it down. This could be done through the comments section if the message comes from the copyright holder's account. All this person would have to do to assert copyright is to admit that he or she created the material, and I will pull it down right away and replace it with a review/summary.

UPDATED: I actually started to feel bad for Eckler, so I pulled down her post without being asked. I wrote the review myself and did not create the source material.

UPDATED AGAIN: Welcome, Technorati users. The full list of my Eckler posts is here.


Anonymous said...

You pulled it down? I think you're getting soft, dear.

Steve & Megan said...

As a writer, I think you'll understand: it's really about copyright. If the copyright holder doesn't want his or her work to be republished in this format, I shouldn't do it. Summaries and reviews, however, are "fair use".