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Sunday, July 29, 2007

You ask, I answer

Reader-Submitted Question: Did you go to journalism school with Rebecca Eckler? What's with the intense hatred?

OMG like that is so not true and I am gonna sue you for spreding leis about me. Like I siad before I do not hate her I am just super-jelous of her becasue of her amazing stardom and the fact that she gets tons of book deals wehn I am just as good of a writer and i still donot have a single book deal.

It is ok though I am probably not going to sue you because I am SUPER SPIRITUAL now and I was takling to my preist and he said I should let go and let God. I totlaly thoughtt that should be ona sign somewhere because it is so freaking deep. Like YEAH HATERS I have a preist now to give me spiritul advice and not one of those guys who hurts little kids either -- gross!

So yeah I am just gonna let go and let GOd and that is gonna be my new like moto because it will keeep me from beign jelous all the time. It was like eating me up insdie, you know? So now I can just forget aobout al of that stuff that was bothering me and just be super-spirital without having to pary all the time becasue that is really not good for my knees when i spend so much time at the spa getting them pummised.

Thanks for asking but I really dont know her at all I am just a writer in Canada and she is like ALSO a writer in Canada and people were like saying that she spoak for young women in my genration and I was like OMG i so wish that was true because then I woud be just like her! If I could just get a boost from a celibaty like her that wouldbe exactly what my patehtic writing career would need!


Rebecca Eckler said...

Why do you insest on riping me to bits an bits? Dont you hav anythng else to do? OMG!

A. said...

That question made me shudder.

I wouldn't say that I hate Eckler. I was, however, appalled by the way she presented herself in "Wiped".

On a completely unrelated note, fellow Canadian, today I bought gas for 85.5 cents per liter. YAY!