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Monday, October 16, 2006

In case there were any questions about my geekiness

A co-worker called me today to giggle over a missing comma in a local news story. This is from a story about the beginning of our legislative session:

"A host of bills, including the Pharmacy Tourism, Engineering and Geoscience Acts are up for third reading during this session."

Get it? There's a comma missing between Pharmacy and Tourism, see? Without the comma it becomes "pharmacy tourism", which would definitely be the most interesting sort of tourism I have ever heard of. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. There is another comma missing after Acts, but that's not nearly as amusing.

I have officially become the person to call when you think grammar mistakes are exciting. You might think this would make me sad, but I am actually flattered. I am carving out a little niche for myself here. I recently received a plaque when I won a premier's award for one of my projects at work. I smiled nicely for the cameras, walked back to my seat and looked at the plaque with what I hoped was mild interest. My boss leaned over and told me to stop checking it for grammatical errors.

It is nice to see that I have several readers who take grammar seriously. I've owned "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" since it came out, and it was very inspirational for me. I bought it in an Ottawa airport and was soon trying to deface a federal display made out of granite. There was an it's that should have been its, and I couldn't scrape the apostrophe off with my fingernail no matter how hard I tried.

There is a man who pickets in front of my office from time to time, and his signs might have the worst grammar I have ever seen. My personal favourite is the one that says "Family Law Kill's". My co-workers whisper in my ear as we walk by him: "Don'tsayanythingaboutitdon'tsayanythingaboutitdon'tsayanything..."