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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My trip to Sachs Harbour

I was lucky enough to get into the spare seat on the RCMP plane. We stopped in In-uvik to refuel and pick up the fellow who looks after the detachment there. This is one of the other officers.

No trees. Say it again: No. Trees.

No matter how much you try to prepare yourself, it is still a shock the first time you realise what "no trees" really means. About eight years ago, we were thinking about moving to Nunavut, which is entirely treeless. We read everything we could about the territory, but still weren't prepared for the first picture of Iqaluit we found on the Internet.

There are trees throughout most of the NWT, but Sachs Harbour is far above the tree line.

Like I said: No trees. These three-inch flowers were the largest plants around.

Some parts of the community reminded me of Newfoundland. Some of the houses are similar, and this boat seemed oddly familiar.


Dad said...

Wonderful pictures - - thanks.