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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Reader-submitted question: Is Glen the Capitalist?

Short answer: No.

I see where this came from, though. Glen has virtually disappeared from the comments box, while the Capitalist has been popping up more than usual. Also, I've talked about the Capitalist being my brother, and over on Glen's blog I'm known as "the little sister".

Glen and I are very much like siblings. When I first started working for him, people asked if we were related. Apparently, we look, talk and think alike. We are a little TOO similar, and I'm convinced that our relationship is ultimately unsustainable. There's no way we could keep it going every day for the long term, so it's probably a good thing that he's not my boss any more.

Glen is away at law school. It is very difficult and tiring, so he hasn't been around much.

The Capitalist really is my brother. He works tirelessly in the Alberta oil fields in the name of capitalism. Although one of my other brothers initially objected to the name I gave him, nobody blinked when I started calling Nate the Capitalist.

Nate has always been very good with money. When we were kids, his bank account was always overflowing. We used to try to outbid each other for the lawn-mowing job: "I'll do it for ten dollars!" "HA! I'll do it for NINE!"


Glen said...

Alright, I may not be THE capitalist, but I am often accused of being one, and am usually not offended when it occurs.