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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Okay, this is not normal in a democracy, but...

Danny has won. See those blue squares? They each represent one PC politician in Newfoundland. The three red squares and one orange square represent the opposition.

Excuse me for a moment.


Okay, I've recovered.

I absolutely adore Danny Williams. I could listen to him talk all night. He has a unique ability to inspire people, even from a distance.

Newfoundlanders have always been proud, but Danny gave us something to really be proud of. Our biggest problem used to be that collectively, we always expected someone else to fix our problems. We needed baby bonuses, and then 10 weeks of work and 42 weeks of unemployment insurance, and then some other government program. Danny has shown that it doesn't have to be that way. We already have all of the resources we need to be rich. We can do it ourselves: we don't need a hand-out. And we don't need to put up with any more corrupt politicians.

Until tonight, I would never have imagined that a victory speech in Newfoundland would include the words "I promise you four years of no hand-outs". People cheered when he said this.

Here in the NWT and Alberta, Newfoundlanders are known as the hardest-working people an employer could hire. There are lots of us here, especially in Name of Town Withheld and Fort McMurray. We came to look for work, but we still feel ties to the east coast.

Danny's fascinating to watch, because he's an entirely different sort of politician. He's been placing ads in papers across the country as part of his campaign to take the prime minister down. The spending scandal in Newfoundland never touched him. He appears to be unbeatable.

Go, Danny!

UPDATED: A reader's perspective.


Trisha said...

I should know all this, since I'm supposed to be keeping up with this whole shebang. Bad me. I shouldn't be choosing sleep over current events, even if SOMEBODY isn't sleeping through the night yet. Oh, well. All in good time, right?

By the bye, thanks for the heads up on my RSS feed. I guess that was canceled when I changed blogging software.