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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Real friends vs. Facebook friends

Something very odd happened to me yesterday.

Someone I know -- who wanted everyone to know that we are friends -- asked me a question: "Megan I have to ask, what's with the Hasselhoff thingy?!?"

This was following my discovery of this photo:
I think you'll agree that this is the type of image that needs to be shared with the world. Fortunately, I found it through Facebook when I added the David Hasselhoff application, so I really am able to share it. I'm not keen on applications, but this one adds a constantly-changing Hoff photo gallery to your profile. Even better, you can pick the photos that appear. The Princess wisely added only the ones where he wasn't wearing a shirt, but I wasn't able to show that much self-discipline.

I know you already thought David Hasselhoff was incredibly sexy, but the porn mustache might put him into an entirely new league. People probably hit puberty because of this photo.

So I wasn't sure how to respond to this question. It's not a reader-submitted question, because clearly my Facebook friend doesn't like me enough to read my blog.

Fortunately, my friend Holly rose to the occasion: "I think it has been well established that when it comes to the Hoff, there's no such thing as a limit to the sexiness. It's all unexplored territory. Just when you think you've hit the boundary, something wonderful like a mustache pic turns up."

Yes, indeed. This is the difference between real friends and Facebook friends.

UPDATED: My "friend" just posted this message: "I'm sorry but I can't do the Hasselhoff thing but I can see how you would like him." Remember that we haven't seen each other since 1995. I think I just got dissed.


The Blueberry Princess said...

Not much of a diss considering that it was a run-on sentence. Sorry, but I get a little snippety when people don't appreciate the animal magnitude of the Hoff. The Hoff application has changed my life. I was almost able to convince Matt that we should dress up as David Hasselhoff and a Hoffette for a Halloween party, but I had trouble convincing him to go into public without a shirt on. Such a shame...

Torq said...

To be honest I was really just concerned that I might not be able to live up to the title! Matt The HOFFINATOR!

I don't think I could pull it off.