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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My bad. No, MY bad. I get it: MY BAD.

Reader-submitted complaint: I see we've (and by we I mean Megan) gone back to selective posting of reader-complaints. There is considerable context to the conversation that has gone unreported. I think this may be done to provoke this kind of response.

I had already been mistaken for the capitalist, it was quite reasonable for people to think that I would be the lawyer who would pay too much attention to language.

As for the Tibetan Monks comment, now who is humour impaired? I was assured that NOBODY thought I was the lawyer. HMMM, nobody? Really, can you speak for the mind of everybody, including tibetan monks?

My, oh my. Three complaints in one! I dare not break them up, for fear of being accused of leaving out context.

Complaint #1:
You are right. I suppose I do post complaints selectively. Mostly, I am guilty of putting silly post titles on them, or of rolling similar complaints into a single post. I also edit them a bit, which I think is what’s behind the concern about context. A twenty-minute discussion just doesn’t work well on the Internet, so I am forced to cut through the details. Isn’t that what you complainers are really after, anyway? In some cases I’ve had to choose between similar complaints, mostly of the “I need another picture of the Hoff with his shirt open” variety.

Complaint #2:
Again, you are right. I should probably be more specific when I say that I happen to know a lot of lawyers. Yesterday, for example, I spoke to nine of them. I should probably confirm to all of my loyal readers that when I say the word “lawyer”, it does not necessarily refer to any individual person who is still in law school and who I only see during the summer.

Complaint #3:
No surprises here: you are right. Although I monitor my web stats closely and have never received a visit from Tibet, and although I don’t know anyone from Tibet, it is possible that a monk from that country has subscribed to my feed and figured out that I know someone who is in law school. I cannot speak for the mind of everybody, perhaps especially Tibetan monks. I should not presume to know what they think, and it was wrong of me to attempt to do so.