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Monday, October 22, 2007

Whooooo are you? Who who? Who who?

Reader-submitted question: Are you the same person who runs 9 Gram, Reject the Koolaid and Gifted Typist?

OMG like NO! I am like super compettitititve and how cuold you even think that I was like those blogs? They are tottally different then me adn if you cant see that then I really don't know what are you thinking.

I do udnerstand one thing though becuase all those people are ALSO super-super jelous of Rebecca Eckler. She is like an amazing star who gets lots of book deals and we are patethic people who just write on the internet. Yes, were one of THOSE annoying poeple.

but OMG has anyonne seem my son? I was like answering all of the reders ubmited questoins about how do I get my hair looking so super awesome (Answer: I use this relaly expnsive stuff on it. Like, each bottle costs $179 and to even be allowed two buy it you need to be a memebr off my country club. I jjust KNOW you noticied because everyones been asking me about my hair. It is super-super hott!) and I suddenly noticied then he was gone!!! Gaa!

So this is REALLY going to cut into my day. I was like on the phone with a friedn talking about my new fignernail polish when the police officer asked me for like a photo so they could search the neigbhourhoon! Like DUH aren't you the cops? So I was like looking for a picture of my son even though what is the cops job except to have pictures of kids? and it was SO SO hard becasue the cop was super hot so I needed to find a picture of my son with ME in it so he would look at me to (I just KNOW all you yummy muummies out these know just wahat Im taling about!!!) but alot of the pictures are from BEFORE i had my awsome new hair stuff so that was super hard. but thank goodness my friend from the fingernail polish actually had a new one of me so that was totally ok and even better I got her to email it to me AND the super hot cop so now he has my adress AND and super hot picture of me! so you see it all truned out good in the ned.


Tearfree aka Reject the Koolaid said...

I am absolutely not Nine Gram Brain. And I'll challenge you to a grammar duel to prove it.

Megan said...

I know. In fact, I think the suggestion is funny. It must come from a belief that there can only be ONE female Canadian blogger who has any interest in the state of the nation's journalism. Icks doesn't think these things through.

I'm intrigued by your offer to duel. Will a mud pit be involved?

Tearfree aka Reject the Koolaid said...

No, I was thinking of doing it in loud voices at a library or something.

Megan said...

Goodness! You ARE a naughty one, aren't you?

You're on. Name the terms.

A. said...

Reading this made me mad all over again over buying "Wiped"

Megan said...

I can't believe you paid money for it. There must be a support group out there for situations like this. :)

A. said...

That's the only reason I know who she is. I only read the back of the book, and thought, "Oh, yeah. I can relate to the confusion and upheaval a baby brings into your life." I cannot, however, relate to somebody that has nannies and in-laws raising their child while she's a "stay at home mom" - but still has it rougher than her fiance who also does night wakings AND works. There's also all the fun bites of ungratefulness and just plain idiocy.

You know how they'll cut off your hand in the Middle East for stealing? There should be some law about cutting off a person's fingers for putting forth that drivel. Oh, and all those morons that are lauding her and saying how she speaks for them need to have their kids taken away by Child Protective Services.