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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The weak link

Michael and I are going trick-or-treating tonight. He and Daniel have determined a secret route that will be disclosed to The Mommies at the very last minute, lest there be a breach in their security preparations. The Mommies, you see, are the weak link in the plan. There is a more-than-decent chance that we will wimp out before the boys are ready to go home. This could endanger the mission.

I felt that my showing at the Haunted House last weekend was impressive enough that I should be let in on the secret, but Michael does not agree. I believe that he is biased: after all, I was not the one who bolted for the door as soon as it was in view, leaving my comrade to be attacked by Death Eaters and potentially pulled into an open grave. This is apparently a technicality.

Through keen observation and subtle spy work, I have been able to deduce a few things about this secret route:

  1. It has been designed to maximize the amount of candy the boys will get.
  2. It includes Steve's parents' house over on the other side of town.
Don't try this at home. I have years of training in investigative-journalism techniques: this type of work should not be attempted by amateurs.


b*babbler said...

Thanks for popping over my way...

Now the question is, just how big was the haul? Did you trek the entire length and breadth of your town?

Megan said...

It was an impressive haul: more than the kids could carry.

I learned that Michael trusts Daniel implicitly. His loot bucket was smaller than Daniel's, so they decided early in the night that they would dump everything into Daniel's bag and split up the candy when they got home. I don't think I would have been that trusting when I was a kid.