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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God, they are SO DUMB

Sorry, I'll be right back. CBC management has accidentally glued its thumb to its tongue.

OK, I think everything should be better now. I should have known this would happen. Once they cut their budget back, they no longer had as many lackeys, I mean journalists, to score them more expensive drugs. Glue-sniffing was the logical next step. The advantage of this new system is that they can continue to churn out paperwork without actually accomplishing anything.

Remember the CBC blogging policy “guideline document” from a few months ago? The one that pissed everyone off royally and was immediately withdrawn? Don't worry: CBC's got a new “Self Publishing and Self Expression on the Internet” guideline. (Apparently, CBC has also decided that hyphens are not grammar.)

WARNING, CBC EMPLOYEES: Do not post anything on this blog. Or on my Facebook page. Don't even IM me. All of these things can get you in trouble with your boss. If you are stupid enough to ever post anything on the Internet, CBC wants you to include the following disclaimer: “The views expressed here are my own and not those of CBC/Radio-Canada.” Seriously. Also, you need your supervisor's permission to have a blog. Seriously.

I can't believe how monumentally STUPID these people are. Is this some sort of joke for April Fool's Day that just took six months to get through the bureaucracy at the MotherCorp?

I am trying to imagine what kind of sane employer would EVER endorse a person's personal blog. The whole point of a personal blog is that it doesn't represent the company. No boss wants to have anything to do with a personal blog. From the boss's perspective, the more you can distance yourself from the company, the better. The company doesn't want anything to do with videos of your kids, jokes about Paris Hilton or tributes to 1970s-era guitarists. Endorsing the blog would make your boss responsible for its contents.

We bloggers need to stick together for the sake of freedom of expression. I have an idea. If you have a blog, please include these words in your next post: "The views expressed here are not my own, but those of CBC/Radio-Canada". It would help if your post is about something really inappropriate or disgusting, like your C-section or that stuff you pick out of your toenails.


Cindy said...


A. said...

Doesn't this just apply if you can be identified as a CBC employee?

I'm not saying that they're right (or that it isn't silly. Does Canada have the whole "freedom of speech" thing that the U.S. has?). There just seems to be a loophole.