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Friday, October 26, 2007

Michael responds

Dear Uncle Matt,

You know a music teacher? Does she play guitar? That's pretty cool. I was hoping we could get one at my school. Daddy is gonna talk to the vice-principal, but if you know one, that's good too. I don't know how much they pay teachers, but I think it's a thousand dollars. But we have two thousand fifty dollars at my school.

From Michael

Transcriber's Note: Not quite. Name of Town Withheld teacher salary scales are available near the end of this document. The Category column refers to the person's years of post-secondary education. A person with a four-year bachelor's degree is in column 4. The Step row refers to the person's years of experience.

Dear Dad,

I like that idea. Can Mrs. Berry really get Mr. Smith to come back? If you see him while you're in Edmonton, please tell him we need him to come back.

From Michael because Uncle Matt might think it's not fair if I say Love Michael


Torq said...

I was actually trying to get her to post a video of her playing the guitar, but no such luck so far. I even tried to talk her into moving to a new town so maybe you could have a new music teacher, but she said no.

Don't worry though; I will keep trying!