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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This has me fascinated

First of all: The views expressed here are not my own, but those of CBC/Radio-Canada.

Please click here and look at the dancer. Is she moving clockwise or counter-clockwise? Does she ever switch and go the other way?

This is apparently a left-brain/right-brain test. The Herald Sun says that most people will see the dancer going counter-clockwise, but I see her going clockwise. Other people say they see her STOP and spin the other way. (What!?)

What do you see? Post in the comments box, if you dare. And remember: the views you express in my comments box are not your own, but those of CBC/Radio-Canada.


Anonymous said...

Clockwise, although it switched randomly when I was reading the text on the left.

I could only make it change direction by scrolling down to where the upper half was hidden, focusing on one direction, and then scrolling back up.

Alison said...

Someone sent this to me a few weeks ago and I can see her go in both directions. I know, I'm weird.

Megan said...

You guys can both see her go in both directions??? Does she change feet?

Optical illusions are always fun. Does anyone know why we see different things in this? Is this the sort of thing an engineer would know?

I can get the fact that our brains have turned this series of two-dimensional images into a three-dimensional moving object, but I don't understand how different people would see different things. The "rotating mask" illusion looks the same to everyone, doesn't it?

Amy H. said...

Clockwise to start and then, depending on focus, I can change it.
Keep tryin meg.... it'll happen for ya!

The Capitalist said...

Wait a sec... she was moving? All I seemed to notice were the nipples ;)!

Megan said...

Yes, and the room's cold!

I was checking this out on my office computer this afternoon when a co-worker walked in. I had to quickly explain that it is an optical illusion, and that I don't know how the tongue marks ended up on my computer screen.

Torq said...

I saw her moving clockwise (big surprise there) but by giving myself a big headache and some 1964 style denial of reality I was able to make her spin the other way. Now I have a big headache and have lost my depth perception... is this normal?

Megan said...

My big accomplishment for the day was making that woman spin in the other direction. Sad but true.

Stacey and Trevor said...

Trev and I saw it moving both ways.

Anonymous said...

She changed directions when I focused on her shadow. Once I figured that out I had no problem going back and forth.

And I noticed the nipples too.