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Monday, October 15, 2007

Days when the rain and the sun are gone

So apparently I suck.

A while ago, I asked Michael if he wanted to take skating lessons. He said no. Stupidly, I did not sign him up for lessons anyway, and now I am The Mommy Who Cannot Be Trusted.

You see, Daniel is in skating lessons, and any moment that Michael is not with Daniel is a moment wasted. I should have anticipated this. It is all my fault. We are too late to register him for skating, but I think at this point Michael will be better off learning from his father anyway. They both have hockey skates. There is an outdoor rink just across the street and a lovely arena about a mile away. It should work out well. The point is to have fun, right? RIGHT?

So now the big question is whether we will screw up just as badly on skiing lessons. Michael is leaving nothing to chance this time. He has specified that he wants to learn to ski, and that means he wants to take skiing LESSONS, and he wants to take those lessons with DANIEL. Did I hear him? Remember, he wants LESSONS. He doesn't just want to go skiing like he did last year. And he wants to be with DANIEL when he gets lessons. I've got that, right? Maybe I should write it down.


Anonymous said...

I have it on good authority that Michael thinks you "rock".

Torq said...

He has a couple of uncles who happen to ski. Now we might not be anything nearly as cool as Daniel but if we should ever happen to visit a ski area together he might be able to teach me a thing or two.