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Saturday, October 06, 2007

You ask, I answer

Reader-submitted question: So did that weird, creepy, and rude guy who posted stuff on your property get elected?

Heh. You're right, I missed a follow-up to the election. Having never met the guy, I cannot say that he is weird or creepy (although that's certainly possible) but he was definitely rude when he called our house.

As you might have guessed from the relative lack of teeth-gnashing and garment-rending, Jeff Groenewegen was NOT successful at winning our riding, despite an impressive effort that included opening doors to dump propaganda, posting signs in strategic locations that implied support from individuals, and demonstrating his intimate familiarity with property law.

Our new MLA is a charming woman named Wendy Bisaro. Wendy's been in local politics for 20 years, and I think she will be an excellent MLA. She started off on the school board (long-time readers will know that I have a keen interest in the way our schools are run) and then moved to our city council. I should note that she is NOT one of the people who pushed for the tree-protection bylaw or lobbied for more understanding and less punishment for crack dealers.