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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oh. My. Gawd.

What the hell is a strap wrench and why is Lydia getting beaten with one EIGHT TIMES whenever she misses a pill or raises her voice?

Please, please, someone tell me this Christian Domestic Discipline thing is a sick joke. I cannot stand it any more.

Lydia's feeling really good, because she now has a list of things about herself that she needs to improve. Sometimes she doesn't do enough housework, or she doesn't sleep enough. Also, Lydia has a big attitude problem. Fortunately, her husband is determined to beat these things out of her, and they are making real progress. Even though her kids have been sick and she has been very stressed, she has only raised her voice once in the last nine days.

WHY did I subscribe to this woman's feed?

More about CDD.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Megan, why did you subscribe to this woman's feed?

Signed, Your Husband.

Megan said...

Against my better judgment, I googled "strap wrench" and found this hardware site:

I'm already getting reader-submitted complaints that I am a prude, so please let me say the following things yet again:

1) I am indeed a prude. However, this poor woman and her CDD friends do not appear to be in S&M relationships. They are not getting off on this.

2) Nor are they in master/slave relationships. They talk about NOT wanting to be beaten.

3) They make it very clear that this is about gender roles. Women get beaten because they're women. They have no right to beat their husbands. Men decide when to beat women, how hard to beat women, and what weapons to use. That's because they're men.

4) They do have some readers who are clearly into S&M. I think this is because they call the beatings "spankings". You see, that normalizes the violence. People CHOOSE to do this, and anyone who disagrees is just a prude!

I repeat: there is a huge difference between getting off on hitting women and being in a truly consensual S&M relationship with safe words and so on.

Dad said...

"I repeat: there is a huge difference between getting off on hitting women and being in a truly consensual S&M relationship with safe words and so on."

This is apparently an important distinction to you. May I assume you will be able to explain the distinction?

Megan said...

I think the big distinction is really for people who would claim that hitting your wife is OK because S&M is normal. Trust me, these people are out there. I hear from them all the time.

Hence the need to make the distinction: otherwise, it's easy to dismiss Lydia and her friends as "to each his own". Lydia's getting beaten because she believes it's her duty as a woman, not because she is lucky enough to have found a partner who happens to share her particular kink.

I personally remain a prude.

Anonymous said...

I think Oprah would totally dig this story. E-mail her and see if she exposes the whole thing. Maybe some of these women will get the courage to speak out against it and leave if Oprah approaches them.

Yeesh, the power of Oprah.