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Sunday, October 14, 2007

A numbers game

Saskboy has an interesting observation from the SaskBlogs party (this is likely the first time Saskboy has used the word "party" in its non-political sense). The average age of bloggers and their readers tends to be mid-40s.

Now, before you Americans accuse me of protecting sources, I will 'fess up and say that Kate from Small Dead Animals is the person who provided this stat. There. Now you mouth-frothing liberals can go search for statistics that would give the opposite impression and triumphantly report your findings. Yes, please go away so the rest of us can blog in peace.

This stat is very interesting to me, mostly because it confirms my own impressions about the blogosphere. However, I have to be honest: It's no surprise that most of my readers are "older", although I'm now at an age where I don't think mid-40s is "old". Like most people, I identify mostly with people in my own age range or situation in life. Most of my friends are either in their thirties or have small children. The people who read my blog are mostly people in their thirties or with small children. Although I'm always hearing about the youngsters on the Internet, I have almost no readers in their twenties, and the ones I have are mostly family members.

My co-workers tease me about being a young'un with a blog. (Actually, I can't be sure if they're teasing me about the fact that I have a blog or about the content of the blog: people who come here quickly figure out that I am a nerd.) The truth is that I don't really identify with the kids on MySpace, and I don't think of that as blogging, anyway.

UPDATED: Welcome, Saskatchewan bloggers. Please feel free to look around and stay a while. I welcome comments, even from strangers (you couldn't get much stranger than my regular readers, anyway).