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Friday, June 01, 2007

Kidnapping. Brainwashing. Just a typical day at the church.

UPDATED: This is part of an alternate-reality game/online video series I've been following for about a year. From time to time I've been posting their videos on the blog -- the most recent was the video of three people kidnapping a little girl and tying her up because they suspected that she had been targeted by a shadowy organization called the Order. It turned out that the Order did indeed have plans for the girl, but only to convince the main character (seen in this video) to turn herself over to them. As you can see, she's been drugged and brainwashed and is now appearing in their infomercials.

The Hymn of One is the Order's fake religion, used as a recruiting tool. They pretend it's a religion so they can convince people to join up and do whatever the higher-ups want. It is sort of like Scientology in that way, except that they don't ask for money, they kill people.

The teen angst adventure gang has kidnapped her back from the Order by using their sexually-liberated female companion to distract the guard. It appears that she is still brainwashed.


Stephen Dawe said...

Hey, she's cute, too bad she's nuts.

I was thinking the whole thing sounded a little new-agey, and when I go to the website mentioned at the end, I get a mailer and a quote by Aliester Crowley (popularizer of European Satanism, whose single rule of "the whole of the law is do as you will" was revamped into the Wiccan Rede, "as you harm none, do as you will").

You say you got this at a Church? Which religion?