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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Dear Fit Yogurt: Go to hell.

Isn't this girl hot? I was thinking that it was great to see women with curves in advertising when I discovered that this ad is supposed to turn your stomach. Yes. You are supposed to look at this woman and immediately start retching up your dinner, then grab a little cup of Fit Yogurt. It is part of a campaign that re-shoots iconic images of women using larger models. You can see a few more of them at Shakesville.

This might be the vilest ad campaign I've ever seen. The tag line is Forget about it. Men’s preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt. Because it's a great idea to reinforce the notion that women should try to look exactly the way men want them to look. We don't have enough trouble with that already.

I was going to be a bit more expressive in the title of this post, but decided that it wasn't worth upsetting my parents and the Forces of Evil any more than they already are.


The Blueberry Princess said...

Your link didn't work for me, so I looked it up for myself. There are some pictures here:

What an absolutely sickening ad campaign! The funny thing is that I just read an article yesterday about African models: Read this and tell me men's preference will never change!

Cin said...

Man, this ticks me off on so many levels. But the most basic level is this: THIS WOMAN IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! And we're supposed to think there's something wrong with her?

Plus, the tag is lying. Men's preferences (as if we should give two hoots about that, by the way) have changed markedly. The lady above was considered an ideal beauty during the Renaissnace.

I know which yogurt I'll never buy, now.

The Capitalist said...

Hate to rain on the ladies campaign here, but in reality mens preference stems from evolution, much like womens preference. There are reasons behind this that need not be stated.

Steve & Megan said...

Nate is correct. The "preference" men have developed through evolution (not that I am up nights worrying about what men prefer) has been documented in thousands of historical drawings. This woman is actually on the thin side, because she doesn't have a belly.

Within the past fifty years or so, advertisers have spent trillions of dollars to convince people that they need a variety of commercial products to be more attractive.

These ads usually have the following message: "If you use this product, you will be more attractive." This is the first ad campaign I've seen that has the message "You are repulsive and need to use our product."

And now I need to wipe away my disgusting tears and shove some more Fit Yogurt into my fat mouth, while beating my breast in the knowledge that no man will ever love me.

Torq said...

When the Princess told me about this article I also thought that it was making a comment about the middle ages where curves were essential for feminine beauty.

However, I am not so sure that beauty is a result of evolution. It *MIGHT* be (and don't get the idea that I am saying evolution is a fake, becuase I am not) but wouldn't the current change in standards of beauty reject this notion? That and the different standards of beauty present in different cultures, would seem to indicate that a sense of beauty is learned.

Hmmm... interesting...

Steve & Megan said...

Heh, this is not a blog where you have to argue about whether evolution is true. Gravity, now...

This looks a lot like the Dove ads, but it has the opposite message. Dove has had tremendous success in the past few years with the message "You're beautiful just the way you are. Use our product to enhance your natural beauty." This message has taken its share of criticism but has been enormously successful at selling Dove products. I suspect that Fit Yogurt is not seeing the same effect on its bottom line.

Torq said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Torq said...

I don't know... WE are all talking about it! This is more free advertising for the marketing wizards at Fit.

Sorry, for the deleted post. I hit the wrong key.

The Capitalist said...

For the record, 'healthy' yogurt is really nothing new... I'm guessing they need advertizing that gets people going, since in reality its like trying to market a low-calorie celery stick.

Anonymous said...

Guess what I will NEVER EVER buy? Thats right. FIT Yogurt!! A$$h0les!! Is there any way a flannel-shirt and work-boots type guy like me can punch one of these ad reps in the front teeth, for my daughter's sake?