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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Self-Portrait Challenge

I am participating in Amy's Self-Portrait Challenge. Go check it out. 

It is way too early and I should NOT be awake. But heck, I love the Capitalist and can do without sleep. (Apparently, I cannot write compound sentences at this hour in the morning.)

Here's my entry. I call it "5 a.m. on a Thursday".


Torq said...

Sweet mug.

Is it a play on words? Hmmmm... we may never know!

Jen said...

Good image! I'm really feeling the soul of this pic, as I drink my own morning coffee lol.

I just posted a self-portrait where I'm sitting on the ice, I should have called it "numb bum, wet pants later", but I've always been bad at naming things lol.

Amy H. said...

Have a great trip Megan! Enjoy your family!