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Friday, November 28, 2008

Canadian Blog Awards

Voting ends tomorrow, so I'll be voting today in the Canadian Blog Awards. But first, I'm going to go to Darcy's to see who won the northern voting bloc.

If you want to vote for me no matter who won the northern run-off, you can use both of these links:

If you want to join our voting bloc, please go over to Darcy's first. I'm totally serious. As much as I'd like to be recognised, I don't want you to throw your vote away if another northerner can use it to get into the finals.

After the Best NWT Blogs contest ended, a reporter asked me about the purpose of the contest. Saskboy can correct me if I'm way off, but I don't think these contests actually tell anyone who has the best blog in Canada (or the NWT, in the case of our smaller version). You couldn't decide that, anyway. They tell you who has the most readers who are willing to vote. However, I think they're worthwhile because they draw attention to blogs in general. Every time I take part in one of these contests, I find a new blog I've never heard of before but continue to enjoy. For example, I was certain I knew who had the best photo blog in the north until Darcy pulled the northern nominees together: I'd never been to Kluganoch Corner before. (That photo of the eye is amazing.)

I love it when northerners get recognition for a job well done, and that's why I'm participating in the northern voting bloc. Please consider voting today: it will only take a few minutes and the link is at the top of this post.


Zach Bell said...

So is this like a northerner's civic duty? I'm trying to understand your odd and misguided ways.

Megan said...

Nah, not a duty at all; just an option for people who want to avoid vote-splitting in these limited situations. It probably won't even work.

Anonymous said...

Kluganoch Corner has awesome photography. For much of it he uses a technique called "HDR" or hdl or some such thing. That I seriously have to try some day.

These awards can't really tell us who has the best blog, you would need some sort of Juried award for that, and even at that it is just someone's opinion. The best Canadian Blogs? the ones I read all the time.

But you're right, they are about exposure, which is a good thing. And they're about acknowledgement that someone, somewhere thinks you have a great blog, or great photos, and wants to acknowledge that with a nomination.