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Saturday, November 08, 2008

"In the first place..."

The contest is over, but you can still vote in the "readers' choice" poll. Please vote ONCE for your favourite entry. The judges will return tomorrow with a decision.

I have a backlog of reader submissions, mostly related to journalism. Be patient as I work my way through them.

Reader-submitted complaint: In the first place, the CBC is not a spokesman for the ruling party, but under the 1991 broadcasting act, is to fulfill several roles including:

  • actively contribute to the flow and exchange of cultural expression,
  • contribute to shared national consciousness and identity,
  • reflect the multicultural and multiracial nature of Canada.
Unfortunately, that does not make the CBC a spokesgroup for a political party, and more likely demands that many who lead the company are actually opposed to what would be considered by American conservatives as conservative ideals.

I was going to leave this to speak for itself, but I decided to respond after a ton of people contacted me about it.

You know one of the best reasons NOT to comment anonymously? If you post anonymously, you can't delete your comment after you realise how incredibly idiotic it is. Don't expect me to take it down.

You appear to be having trouble with reading comprehension, so I will state the obvious: I am often sarcastic. If I say something that is obviously false, like that the CBC speaks for the federal government, I am probably not being serious. Look for clues, like statements that I did my research by watching Fox News. Let me also reassure you that I am familiar with journalism ethics and the CBC's mandate.

Thanks for your complaint. If you are determined to hate my blog, perhaps you shouldn't come here.


Anonymous said...

Clearly - - assuredly - - the CBC represents the "ruling party", but this ruling party is not (necessarily) the party recognized as the majority party in the "government". We are sophisticated enough to recognize that the "government" includes institutions which are not directly, explicitly connected to the ruling political party. We should include the universities, the media, movie makers, and record producers among the "government".


Megan said...

Somehow I doubt that this particular complainer will grasp the subtlety in your comment. He is already preparing a self-righteous rant that he believes will humiliate you because of its keen insights.

Anonymous said...

Contest question: what if more than one person uses your computer? Are you monitoring the reader's choice votes?

I planned on voting, but my kids got there before me and voted. Will my vote count, or will you tag me as one of those cheaters?


Megan said...

I will consider you a cheater if you disable the cookies on your computer so you can vote 100 times, or if you route your IP through Mexico so you can vote 100 times.