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Monday, November 03, 2008

Beware of greedy leaders who take you where you should not go

We interrupt the Being David Hasselhoff Contest for an emergency message.

Dear Americans,

If you are so clueless that you wouldn't vote unless Justin Timberlake told you to, please don't vote at all.

Love always,


Amy H. said...

I am confused?! Are you being sarcastic? Do you really think people should stay home? hmmm.
I hope you are being sarcastic, but Megs I can never tell with you.

Republican said...

If your highest (political) value is liberty, then you don't encourage the weak-minded to vote. If your highest value is equality, then you want absolutely everyone to vote, no matter how badly. Megan has a mixed-race background (American and Canadian), so she's got a libertarian inside her, wrestling with a socialist. The libertarian appears to be winning.

her Dad

Megan said...

I'm not a socialist. I don't think it's BAD to be one, but I wouldn't call myself a socialist.

I want people to think about the issues before they vote. I don't want them to vote just because Tom Cruise told them to go to the polling station. I want voters to put some thought into it, and they're not doing that if they need Harrison Ford to remind them to show up.

Anonymous said...

But they're all so cuuuute! And hhhhott.! I'd do anything for, well, most of the guys in that video. *squeal*

Reality check: I totally researched the issues.