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Friday, November 07, 2008

Contest Closed

The Being David Hasselhoff Contest is over. It is now up to our judges to select the winners.

As requested, I am adding a "readers' choice" category. This will have no effect on the judges' selections, and it's entirely possible that the readers will choose an entry that the judges do not. The winner in this category will get a stuffed Norbert. Yes, from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

First, refresh your memory:

Amy Reports On David Hasselhoff
Jen Is David Hasselhoff
Curtis Complains About David Hasselhoff
Anonymous Is David Hasselhoff
Karan Taps The Potential Of David Hasselhoff, Common Man
Shawn Reveals Ten Things About David Hasselhoff
Alex Jumps On Beds With David Hasselhoff
Cayley's Dog Is David Hasselwoof
Sally's Top Ten Reasons Why David Hasselhoff Rules
Michael Is David Hasselhoff
Zach Supports David Hasselhoff For Vice President
Steve Is David Hasselhoff

Now vote. (If you're reading this through RSS or NWT Blogs, you'll have to click through to my site.)


Zach Bell said...

How could I note vote for my own entry? Since I'm such a popular guy, I expect others to now follow in my footsteps. I also expect a fully loaded Spanish galleon to deliver its cargo of roast peanuts to me any moment now...

Wait for it....wait for it...........

Megan said...

Your entry was incredible. In fact, people told me they were intimidated by it. They felt they couldn't possibly do better so early in the contest.

Anonymous said...

I had to leave a comment about which entry got my vote.

While I laughed at all the entries, and thought that some were both creative and incredibly well written, I had to give my vote to the the "bed jumper".

Not only does this entry show artistic ability, creative thought and writing, it gave me twice the enjoyment as the others. After seeing this entry, I had to go to the bed jumping site. It was great! I laughed and laughed.

I have a new hobby!

The Hoff would be pleased.

Megan said...

Yes, the bed jumper was awesome. A truly creative idea, PLUS nudity. A standout entry.

Mongoose said...

I voted for Alex as well. I thought it was awesome, plus, he put a lot of work into it. I'm kind of appalled at your readership though, considering that "Anomymous" is in the lead with twice as many votes as the next competitor. The pose isn't even accurate and it took zero effort. Apparently, nudity sells.

Megan said...

My readers are perverts.

Anonymous said...

i voted for the puppy