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Thursday, April 05, 2007

You ask, I answer: Part 6

Question #6: David Hasselhoff. No, seriously.

*deep sigh*

If you knew where this question is coming from, you would understand why it pains me so much. I might have to watch OOGA-CHAKA-OOGA-OOGA just to pull myself out of the funk. This feels very man-behind-the-curtain-ish, so I won't be offended if you feel that you have to skip this entry.

Okay, here's the thing with David Hasselhoff: He's a massive joke.

David Hasselhoff became famous this way:

He wasn't a great actor, and he was an even worse singer, but right around this time he decided that he wanted to be a rock star. I have no idea how, but he became a giant star in Germany. Then he showed up on our TVs again:

To this day, I can't tell if Boobwatch was intended to be a comedy. Apparently Pam Anderson is the most famous Canadian in the world because of this show (great, just great).

David became a colossal joke in North America and disappeared for a few years. They still loved him in Germany, where he did shows like this:

I know. It is already too much to take, but we must press on.

At some point in the past few years, David realised that he could revive his North American career by making fun of himself. He made appearances like this one -- sorry, but I can't embed this 16-second movie clip.

And he did videos. Be still, my heart -- he did videos. Yes, he did OOGA-CHAKA as a joke. But it's only funny because he did the same sort of thing with a straight face for 20 years. He's an overwrought has-been. And that's why he's funny.


Amy H. said...

Hey You!
When is your birthday? I have found THE BEST present for you. Hopefully soon, cause I suck at keeping secrets and don't know if I could last until next February. Maybe I'll have to give it to you for Mother's Day. You're not my mother, but you are Michael's mother right?