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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

You ask, I answer: Part 3

Question #3: Uh, you know Uriel? Are you making fun of me? Do you really think this is what I believe?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. How delicious.

Here's the thing with Uriel: She's not real. Her distinguishing feature is that she believes that she alone knows what God wants. See how different this is from what you believe? Oh, you don't see a difference? Well, that changes things.


I adore the Uriel character, but it takes time to work up that level of anger, so I don't do much of her. Don't worry: she's not Catholic or Anglican. I don't see her as belonging to any organized religion other than perhaps a fundamentalist group that meets only on the Internet.

The scariest part is that I haven't made up anything she says. Every statement she makes is similar to things I've read or heard others say. Same with her attitude -- she's not even among the worst I've seen. Uriel hates everyone in the world who disagrees with her interpretation of her holy book, and she takes great pleasure in imagining their eventual demise. Her only regret is that she won't be around to witness it, because she (naturally) will be among the saved.

I have to be pretty mad about someone's hypocrisy to do a Uriel post, so there aren't many of them.

Although I think of the character as female, I stole her name from a male archangel. Uriel's not named in the Bible, but is thought to be the angel with the flaming sword outside the Garden of Eden. He also holds the keys to hell. I'm sure you can see why the name is appropriate.

Now you ask if I think this is what you personally believe. Since this blog's readership is limited, I'm going to venture a guess that it's not. But don't kid yourself into thinking that others don't think this way. And yes, I am making fun of them. And yes, they do deserve it.


Amy H. said...

Here's a question for you! When the hell are you back? Are you back now? Seems like you have been gone forever!


Torq said...

I have a question for you. If no one is posting these questions to your site, how is it that you actually know what the questions are? Are you just making these questions up in some bizarre Multiple Personality disordered fashion? Come now. THE TRUTH!!!

Kevin Holsapple said...

Uriel doesn't scare me. She is certain she knows God's will, but in fact, everyone knows God's will, and knows it exactly.
The truly scary thing is admitting that fact: admitting that yes, you DO know what God wants you to do, and what God forbids you to do. After you admit the certain truth that you know God's will, you are without excuses. We love our excuses.