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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Response from JetBlue

Dear Ms. {name withheld},

Thank you for contacting us your flight that was cancelled due to the weather on April 16, 2007.

The amount $115.80 will be posted to your credit card. Depending on the accounting procedures of
your individual bank, this credit should appear on one of your next two statements. Please contact
us again if you have not seen it by that time.

We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced due to this cancellation.

We look forward welcoming onboard a future JetBlue flight!


Customer Commitment Crew
JetBlue Airways
Crewmember 22063


Anonymous said...

Err...Glad they're reimbursing you, but they spelled your name wrong.

Steve & Megan said...

Heck, they got the English language wrong!

And this was the MINIMUM they owed me. This was the fare for the flight they cancelled.

Seriously Frivolous said...

Ho-sapple, Bravo! Most airlines would sooner lop off body parts before reimbursing anything! Your power of persuasion must be amazing!

Torq said...

Heh, that is the same name that American Airlines gave me for my next trip! I'm really not that impressed by them at this point. I had this problem rectified a month ago, yet when I received my most recent itinerary the name hadn't changed! Call them up you say? Sure I did. Their response: You really should have contacted us about this sooner!