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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Five bodies and seven heads. That's...a conspiracy.

There are a lot of toll booths between Crystal River and Tampa. They take your money bit by bit, about a dollar at a time.

I feel bad for the poor guys who have to work in those tiny boxes. All they see is traffic. All they hear is traffic. All they smell is traffic.

Somehow, one of the toll-booth operators has maintained his sense of humour. As my dad was handing him a dollar, the man in the box said that he thinks Dad looks like David Caruso.

Mom and Dad didn't know who that was, and I don't think they believed me when I did an impression of him. I promised to post a video. Here goes.

Maine, here I come!


Steve said...

Sorry, but I think Kevin looks more like Harrison Ford. Now, Andrew Munro Austin looks a hell of a lot like 'Horatio Caine' aka David Caruso.

Anonymous said...

Stephen, I certainly see your excellent point. This character is cool and commanding, like your father-in-law, but he also homely. It is ridiculous to imagine that anyone could mistake us.