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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You ask, I answer: Part 5

Question #5: If no one is posting these questions to your site, how is it that you actually know what the questions are? Are you just making these questions up in some bizarre Multiple Personality disordered fashion? Come now. THE TRUTH!!!

Some questions are coming in through non-traditional channels. This includes instant messages, e-mail and oral questions.

And it's "multiple-personality-disordered fashion". You're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Furthermore, the DSM no longer calls it Multiple Personalities; it's Dissociative Identity Disorder. Say that ten times fast.

Torq said...

I refuse to acknowledge the DSM as valid! I insist that my definition is correct and will defend it with life and limb! Onward my armies of psychologically disordered minions; we can resist these definitions that categorized us into statistically mandated categories!

And: Yes... you are right and I am wrong... stupid "-" key.

Steve & Megan said...

And you STILL refuse to learn from your mistakes! There are two hyphens missing in your next-to-last sentence!

The Capitalist said...

"Disorders" are a croc *suppressing much anger*. They continue to exist by benefiting both those who diagnose them & those who are diagnosed.