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Monday, April 30, 2007

Of Bananas and Bibles

UPDATED: I just received a top-secret message from someone who recognised the banana guy. My confidential source claims that the video IS a joke...sort of. Apparently the tone is supposed to be funny, but Banana Guy really means what he says. I'm not convinced that this makes it a true joke.

Apparently, people suspect that the video about the soul-saving banana is not real; that it's a joke designed (ha!) to make Christians look stupid.

Sorry, but it's entirely real. Take a look again at the first few seconds of the video. There are two men in it. The guy who hardly speaks is Kirk Cameron, star of Growing Pains and Uriel's favourite movie:

Kirk is so religious that he has his own entry on my new favourite website, Conservapedia. The entry is short, but you have to start somewhere:

Kirk Cameron is an American actor. He is best known for his role in the TV series Growing Pains and later the films based on the Left Behind Series and the Christian TV series The Way of the Master. He became a born again Christian as a young adult and works with evangelist Ray Comfort

As you can see, conservatives don't worry much about grammar or facts. This is pretty insulting, since I consider myself a conservative most of the time.

The banana video is incredibly popular and has been viewed over 128,000 times on GodTube alone. Sorry about that.


Torq said...

I once thought that I would write a short story about Revelations. You know, kinda spruce it up, bring it into modern jargon and use appropriate interpretations for how these things could occur. To this end I re-read the book of Revelations. It is gory, scary, and full of really powerful imagery, in short, ideal material for my story. Then I got to the very last part, I believe it was the very last paragraph, in which there was a warning; Should anyone attempt to tell the story of Revelations and leave anything out, even the smallest little tiny bit, God was going to be really ticked off and would call the storyteller to task in a bad way.

I wonder if these guys actually finished reading the book. I know I never actually wrote that short story!

Uriel said...

Heathen! I have been telling the story of Revelation through my blog and through my holy actions for months. Clearly, you just don't believe enough.

At the last days, you will be tortured by locusts for five months, and the sun will turn black like sackcloth made of goat hair. You will seek death, but will not find it.

Megan said...

Hmmm. Does this description remind anyone else of Yellowknife in the summer and then the winter?

Anonymous said...

Let's recognize that "joke" and "serious" are not the only alternatives for a video like the Banana Bit. The tone is clearly intended to be humorous, but nonetheless there is a serious idea behind it: the idea of "design".
Theology might not be fun for Uriel, but Ray Comfort is clearly having fun.