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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You ask, I answer: Part 4

Question #4: When the hell are you back? Are you back now? Seems like you have been gone forever!

Although I've been responding to my work e-mail, I am still on vacation in Florida. Michael and I stayed, but Steve went back to Name of Town Withheld on the weekend. The philosopher king and blueberry princess are getting married on April 14, and we'll be back home on the 18th.

Michael and I will leave for Maine on Saturday. We are spending Saturday with my brother and Sunday with my aunt and cousins from New Hampshire. We're doing whatever we bloody well please on Monday and Tuesday, but will be in Bangor on Wednesday to check in at the Black Bear Inn. I'm looking forward to introducing Michael to all of his relatives.

In the meantime, I am busily spending all of the money I saved throughout last year. I might be penniless, but at least I will look fabulous.


Torq said...

It's a good think you posted this. I have been busy planning a party (to which only Bachelors are invited) and was going to take off early on Saturday.

Never fear! I will be at the airport when you disembark from your shuttle from distant lands.