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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Tonight Steve got a call from a woman who had been hired by our local phone company to conduct a survey. They wanted to know if he would change phone companies.

Excuse me while I laugh. This will be a short, bitter laugh.


OK, I think I'm over it. You see, Northwestel is the only phone company here. This is like asking if we would ride unicorns to work. We have no choice but to use their service, and we find this immensely annoying. The latest is that they want to hike local phone rates by two dollars a month. They say this will allow them to lower long-distance rates.

Steve gave the sweet survey lady a piece of his mind about the monopoly that is currently in place, and threw in a few digs at the CRTC to boot. (GO STEVE!)

Are their employees polite? Sure they are.

Is the service adequate? Yeah, there's usually a dial tone, unless Canadian Idol is taking votes at the time.

Do we get good value for our money? HAHAHAHAHAHA. We are already trying to figure out if we can ditch the land line and just use our cell phone.

Do we think Northwestel works hard to ensure customer loyalty? This one might have been the funniest question. We are talking about a company that has no competitors and no need to ensure customer loyalty of any kind. And don't they know it.