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Monday, October 30, 2006

Irregardless, I could care less.

Today’s episode of Little Miss Know-It-All: Commonly-Misused Words.

From the number off disinterested readers, I must imply that the English language has been literally decimated. I am not adverse to holding a fulsome discussion on this topic; however, its’ certainly to be comprised of erstwhile contributories who will have a negative affect. This makes me nauseous, and the enormity of the problem has caused us to make due for far to long.

My complements to the first person who can identify all of the errors in this post. I will even send you a prize. Extra points if you can guess how many times I had to go back over the text to make it wrong.


Nathan Holsapple said...

Took me a while, but I finally found the error. Obviously it is in your use of the word "makes". I assume you are pluralizing the work 'make', derived from the latin word makesious... 'Make' is an action, and therfore cannot be pluralized. Kinda like a double-negative. You know my address. Better make that gift a good one.

Anonymous said...

Is it fare for a teacher to comment on this topic? Oh well here goes:

By far the more easiest has to the improper use of "its'" right after "however," you need the conjunction it's (it is).

Next, the use of "comprised of" is incorrect. Comprised actually means 'made up of' so in your example you are truely saying 'made up of of' which, as you can see, is incorrect.


Oh, now it's your turn. Can you find my errors? Look closely!