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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Free communications advice

Normally I don't give communications advice for free to large corporations. But I'll make an exception for NBC.

When refusing to air advertising for a documentary about censorship, it is usually best NOT to tell the producer in writing that the ad is being rejected because it is disrespectful to a politician.

Now, I could hope that this is the beginning of a new dawn for advertising. This could be a signal that we are about to enter a world where there are no ads that are disrespectful to politicians. I'm thinking about this type of ad:

Somehow, I doubt that this is the case. So here's the ad for a new documentary about censorship. You won't see this on NBC.

Here's the trailer for the same documentary. It has been available for several weeks.

I should note that NBC's actions are not censorship. This is an editorial decision. It would be censorship if the government was insisting that the ad not be aired. There is a big difference.


Nathan Holsapple said...

I may be missing something, but how is it OK for the Dixie Chicks to stand up against Bush, but not OK for members of the public to then stand up against the Dixie Chicks? At least George Bush isn't trying to capitalize on the fact that he's recieved death threats (which obviously vastly outnumber the one received by the Dixie Chicks).