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Friday, October 20, 2006

Step away from the computer

It sure is good to have organized religion around. Not only do I have CAP to point out all of the naughty bits of movies I'd missed on the first few viewings, I am now reliably informed by Ambassador Youth that blogs are evil and a tool of Satan. Fortunately, this rule apparently does not apply to Ambassador Youth itself, so I can get all of the details on their blog.

It seems that I should stop blogging and devote myself to instant-messaging people. Apparently instant messages are OK, but blogging is not. I really ought to give my Messenger ID to Ambassador Youth right away so they can take their evil, evil blog down and just IM me everything I need to know. They have a few suggestions to keep me on the straight and narrow, including:
1. Group messaging is bad.
2. Be aware of what your "Away" message says. (I'm sure the author would not approve of my "Putting Michael to bed" away message.)
3. Show your messages to your parents, but only if you think they wouldn't approve of what you are writing about.

I am conflicted though, because part of me wants to congratulate these guys. You see, they are also concerned about grammar:

"It has become common to allow sloppy, improper spelling and grammar to creep into online communication."

YES! YES! Is that why the Internet is evil? I could get on board with this idea. People who don't know the difference between your and you're probably SHOULD be thrown into the lake of fire.