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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Product placement

I have a new favourite toothpaste. Burt's Bees is 100% natural and makes my mouth feel really clean. But most importantly, Steve does not like it.

At our house, it is pointless to find a product that everyone likes. If I buy Coke, for example, I will never get any because the boys will quickly finish it while my back is turned. If I buy pomegranate-flavoured seltzer, I can have it all to myself. The same goes for any type of treat. Since I informed Steve that I do not like applepears (a perversion of the natural order, I say!) he has been buying them every time we go to the store, because he knows he will have them all to himself. No point in saving anything for later. If anyone else likes it, it won't be there later.

I first noticed this behaviour when Steve and I used to take long car trips (usually from our apartment in Halifax to my parents' house in Maine). Steve would gas up the car and come back with a Pepsi and a bag of ketchup chips. You see, that way he could be certain I wouldn't ask him to share.

So now I've found something I can have all to myself.


Kevin Holsapple said...

Did you know that Bert Shavitz (Bert the Bee Man) lived in Parkman, Maine, where your friend Jenny Boothroyd lived? Before that, he lived in Dexter. During a summer I worked in the Dexter Town Office, Bert often came in, to complain about the roads. He used to hook a pony to an old truck bed, and drive it down the street. Of course, this is long before he married, and struck it rich.
Funny people can make it big in America!