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Saturday, October 07, 2006

City workers

You know what? There are tractors outside my house. They are digging up the road. They have been there for a long long time and they dug up a really deep deep hole. But guess what? They are still not done!

You probably would not know this, but they hardly ever do any work. They are always on a break. And they also stand around and look at the big hole.

Love, Michael


Nathan Holsapple said...

Well, I must say this is a valuable lesson for Michael to learn at an early age. But it is also important for him to know that not all of our hard-earned tax money is wasted... & of course some (but granted very few) government workers actually do work. Hard to believe, I know, but Megan herself is currently working for the government, and I could not believe that she would ever dream of partaking in this kind of lazy work-schedule. I'm just saying that it's nice to know we have some government workers that respect the taxpayers that allow them to bring home a paycheck every week, and that are dedicating to providing us a service for all the taxes we pay... Then again, do tell where you get all the time for these blogs?!?!?