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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time cast a spell on you

Reader-submitted complaint: Glen is handsome, but not handsome enough to be in our family.

Not handsome enough to join this group?

(Hey, how did the Capitalist get out of being in this photo? Was there some sort of junior-high seminar on emerging markets? I don't remember the day this picture was taken. It's labelled Reunion '87, but this is clearly the early nineties.)

It's sort of funny, because I think that sometimes Glen looks a bit like someone else.


Anonymous said...

On closer inspection, I can see that Glenn is even more handsome than I first realized.


Megan said...

I do think there's a resemblance there. Glen?

grantednull said...

After being told I wasn't "handsome enough" to be a holsapple, there wasn't much left to say :D

I do see some resemblance, but there are also a few clear differences. The chin (no cleft on me) and although you can't see it, the ears are different. However, considering the resemblance people see in you and me, I'm not surprised we can find a resemblance with your father.

nicole said...

It's the nose :)