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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Help Wanted

Reader-submitted item: I hope you will investigate this video. If it's not a gag, it would make a great addition to your PETA file.


That's, uh...


I want to say that this has to be a joke, because it's so incredibly stupid. However, there is apparently an incredible number of people who are stupid, so this would appear to fit. It also matches my personal experience with weirdo environmentalists and freaky religious fundamentalists (they're really the same at their roots).

I am hesitant to say that it has to be real for those reasons, though. That drum looks like it could be made out of wood, which, the last time I checked, comes from trees. And the opening shot looks like a matte painting to me. Now, neither of these things mean that the footage is not real. They could just be hypocrites with a love for the visual arts, although I'm guessing they don't paint on paper.

Can anyone help here? Are you familiar with these people who apparently cry for trees but not for the human beings who are dying in wars and famines? Wikipedia has a page on them, but I have never heard of this group.


Way Way Up said...

Dang! Now these guys are just plain nuts!! I need to eat some seal meat to calm myself down now.

Anonymous said...

One of my roommates said her mother is a less-than-active member of Earth First! in California. Her mother makes donations and sometimes writes letters. Never has she heard of people wailing in the woods. That doesn't mean there isn't an extremist faction of Earth First! on the east coast...

It'd be nice if we could track down the name of the documentary to find more info.

Megan said...

Interesting. Anyone else out there?

I should probably note that Way Way Up isn't joking about the seal meat.

Way Way Up said...


Sauntering Soul said...

I've never heard of this group either, but if it's real they are waaaaay out there.