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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


You all know me. At least I think you do.

The people in my family look very similar, but I've always thought that I look most like the Philosopher King, seen here with the Blueberry Princess.

(No, I apparently do not have any photos of the Philosopher King in which he does not either look plastered or like the homeless guys who poke through your trash. You may read whatever you like into this.)

So I was more than a little startled this weekend when I discovered that I look even more like someone else.
This is my friend Glen. We have often joked that we feel a certain kinship (he calls me The Little Sister), but this is just weird. He actually looks more like my brother than any of my brothers.


Anonymous said...

Glen is handsome, I grant you. He is not, however, handsome enough to be a Holsapple.

Kevin Gurney
Patriarch, Holsapple clan

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Your dad's comment has me busting a gut.

Meg, you and Glen look fab. But I'm sure you both know that.


Curtis Groom said...

Hello Meg,
Please tell me you have the energy and interest to reply to this lovely story. With everything going on right now I have to be very cautious in my blog, but don't let this gem slip by.
Still thinking about the other thing, was working on something but recently got distracted.
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Philosopher King had a tendency to look like that all through undergrad too. But, man, can he walk straight.

I don't know; I had a hard time seeing the Holsapple face I always knew in the only sister. Now that I look hard enough, there's certainly something going with the cheeks. Then again, I might be able to make a better comparison if I saw the Philosopher King and the Blueberry Princess more often. Jeez, you'd think they lived in Canada with you instead of in the same state.

Megan said...

I'm trying to convince them to move to Name of Town Withheld.

nicole said...

He sure does look like a brother of yours :D
But if your Dad's SOOO sure he isn't ... ;)

Torq said...

You know, there was a prediction going around that I would actually BE one of those homeless guys about ten years after getting out of university. We will just have to see if they are right!

Also, for the record, I am NOT plastered in that picture, someone has clearly done a poor photoshopping job to made me LOOK that way!

*disclamer* The term "plastered" used above relates to only the condition of being rolled around in plaster.