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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bringing hope to Ottawa

A reader has just alerted me to these fan-tabulous T-shirts available for purchase here. She says that stupid Americans have been stopping her on the street, confused because they do not know that Canada has a prime minister.

I just have to figure out which one to get. Our current member of parliament is with the New Democratic Party:
I'm not really a New Democrat, though. Our last MP was a Liberal:
I confess that I like that one. It just looks right.

Although I fear reprisals from the Forces Of Evil for revealing this, I think that the most qualified candidate in this territory is the Conservative. And I like this one:
The Green Obama looks weird. I'm pretty sure I've seen an oil company's logo that looked like this:
And because this is Canada, even the separatists have their own Obama:


Shaund said...

The current BP logo looks a lot like the Green Obama one, is that what you were thinking of?

Megan said...

Yes, that's the one. Weird, eh?