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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


So what's this I hear about Obama being the most liberal American politician there is? I thought John Kerry was the most liberal American politician. I'm pretty sure that's what was said in 2004, when I didn't vote for Kerry.

You'd think Democrats would be smarter than to consistently nominate the most liberal person they could find, wouldn't you? I mean, it just doesn't make sense to purposely pick the most polarizing figure around. I'm no political strategist, but it seems to me that it would be better to pick someone who appeals to a broad cross-section of the electorate. Not someone who is going to turn people off from the entire party.

Those Democrats must really be idiots, eh?


Anonymous said...

Remember that Barak Obama wasn't in the Senate to compete with John Kerry.
And also remember that the Democrats nominate their candidates in a complicated melange of caucuses and primaries, which give the liberal activists more influence. This fact led to the creation of the Democratic Leadership Council, which was able to nominate Bill Clinton IN SPITE of the liberal activists (which worked for Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson).

Democrats do have a reputation of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Nationwide, there are many more registered Democrats than Republicans. They have some massive natural advantages, including a sympathetic press and education establishment.

The fact that they lose so often needs an explanation.


The Capitalist said...

Don't forget the consensus a few months back that the Republicans would never vote for McCain because he was the most liberal republican.
Republicans tend to use the word 'liberal' to describe those they don't like. It scares the church-goers.
We need to vote for Bush....He's pro-life...No more abortions under the Republican party...uh, wait a sec...

Megan said...

Up is down. Last night I watched a gazillionaire from Massachusetts rail against the "east coast elite". Then he said that the west was going to take over again.

I'm pretty sure the guy who's currently in charge is from the west.

Anonymous said...

"Up is down."
Yes! and liberal is conservative (i.e., the status quo). And conservative is liberal (i.e., free markets, freedom of speech, etc).
Democrats, the working-class party, appeals more to college grad professionals. Republicans, the East Coast Old Money party, appeals to working class and southern voters.
The Republican Party, founded to end slavery, and insisting on black representation as early as the 1870's, is the white party. Democrats, the party of segregation, gets 95% of the black vote.
Democrats, the traditional home of Evangelical Christians and Roman Catholics, is now the "choice" party, where a pro-life candidate is not allowed to speak at convention. Republicans, the libertarian party, is now the anti-abortion party (though featuring a prominent pro-choice minority).
Bush, who ran for president promising a smaller budget and a humbler foreign policy, doubled the deficit, and dramatically expanded our foreign commitments. Clinton the Democrat cut the welfare rolls in half and balanced the budget.