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Monday, September 15, 2008


Reader-submitted question: Have you seen this?


I paused my Big Love DVD Saturday night (fundamentalist Mormon porn!) (not really) so I could watch the first half of SNL. I am not generally a fan of the show when athletes host, but I knew I wanted to watch the opening sketch and Weekend Update.

And yes, I've also seen this:

This is the sort of thing that shouldn't be left to late-night comedians. Actual reporters should be digging out these clips. Don't they remember doing these interviews in the first place?


Ricki said...

Golden. Just golden! (And wasn't Tina Fey's impression bang-on??)

The Coconut Diaries said...

I never watch SNL but made an exception for this one. Tina and Amy were perfect! And I think actual reporters do attempt to REPORT this stuff (i.e. Charles Gibson/Sarah Palin interview) but the candidates are so disingenuous that it doesn't lead anywhere. All hail Jon Stewart!!