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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh, man

This is not happening. It's not happening.

Someone tell me this isn't real. Anyone?

I actually feel sick about this. It is like watching those inept 22-year-olds who show up at the office in May with their English degrees, convinced they can take over the CEO's job.


The Capitalist said...

Uhhh.... What?!

Torq said...

*chuckles* Good times... good times!

Anonymous said...

*Cry* I am terrified at the possibility that this woman will be in executive office. She doesn't even know her own Pres nominee. Worse yet, half the country doesn't see her stupidity.

The Coconut Diaries said...

Get this woman a script! She is not capable of having an independent thought, answering a question without her broken record catchphrases, or being second in command. Even actresses know how to improvise, crazy.

Cindy said...

Oh dear.

The bloom is off the rose...

scribe said...

Part 2 of the Couric/Palin interview was tonight. Her comments about Russia being close to Alaska--truly frightening. And the anti-witchcraft video of her and her pastor that played on MSNBC last night. Wow. Americans had better wake up now. And Putin too. If he didn't have his rockets pointed at Alaska already, he better now. Not only is Palin stupid, she's wacko. But she's going to use her sex appeal to woo world Harper. Hee hee.

Saskboy said...

She has sex appeal?
Do you mean Tina Fey perhaps?
That level of ignorance may be hot to some people, but in a VP, it's maybe the most scary thing in the world right now. Even more scary than Harper's potential majority with less than 40% support from the electorate.