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Monday, September 08, 2008


Reader-submitted complaint: I know I am too late for your David Hasselhoff photo contest, but your writing is getting way too serious. You need to lighten up. Having said that, I know that it will only get worse with the Canadian election running at the same time as the American election. Here is a picture of my dog dressed as David Hasselhoff --- sorry, couldn’t find a hamburger or get him to sing in German. (And yes; I know that three hyphens should not be used in place of a period.)

This photo is AWESOME. Thanks for sending it.

Sorry for depressing all of you guys. I've been stressed, and it always shows on the blog.

I promise that the next thing I post will not be depressing. I received an unusual reader-submitted question this morning and have to figure out how to respond.


Karan said...

OMG! I think that dog lives on my street. He's been in my house! I have petted the Hoff!
I'm never washing my hands again.

Stefan said...

i thought it was a stuffed animal. for real.